We are all connected.

We are all connected.  This is the philosophy that drives the development of ControlEverything.com.  ControlEverything.com focuses on the development of plug-and-play hardware designed to connect sensors, controllers, energy monitoring devices, relay boards, and a wide variety of other devices to an ever-growing world of IoT hardware.  ControlEverything.com specializes in the development of hardware devices that focus on the I2C communications protocol for engineers and educators.  Plug-and-play hardware opens the door for software developers to enter the world of hardware for the first time using our complete line of products.  I2C provides an avenue for devices to co-exist, so users may mix different kinds of hardware to a favorite computing platform, such as Raspberry Pi, Particle, Arduino, Omega, PyCom, and much more.  Our mission is to provide a diverse line of controllers that simplify hardware, allowing users to focus on software and education of IoT technologies at the lowest possible price.  We are also the creators of Mobicle.io, the world's first graphical user interface specifically designed to connect our entire product line to the internet.  Not only do our devices connect to each other, they also keep you connected to our products no matter where you happen to be.  This is what we mean when we say: We are all connected.

ControlEverything.com products are manufactured in the United States.