The advent of micro computers and programming platforms like Arduino has given rise to a new generation of computing and electronic hobbyists.

Devices like the Spark Core and Raspberry Pi have made getting involved in this new age of embedded devices affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of their previous computer background.

Kickstarter has provided an incredible platform for hobbyists to realize a goal and turn an awesome idea into a publicly available product without the need for large corporate backing, or venture capitalist involvement.

So, Why Open Sourcing?

At we recognize the power and importance of open source projects, the communities that they provide, and the incredible speed at which technology can improve with capable and willing developers collaborating and helping each other grow. We have some exciting products in the works that will further enable the entrepreneurial spirit that all of these things encourage, but more than that we are excited to be developing a unified development community where engineers and developers alike can come together and share ideas, designs, code, and even participate in the realization of some of the products that come along with those things.

Which Platform is Best?

We don't advocate a single device or development platform, instead embracing the diversity of the industry and the modular capability that cooperative development breeds, our products and community embody these ideals and look to build on them in a way that benefit not just the hobbyist, but the technological industry as a whole. If you are as excited as we are to see where all of these amazing possibilities will lead in the future we welcome you to apply for our closed beta, an opportunity to help us mold this new community, and be a part of that future from it's inception.

Community Service

Being developers and engineers ourselves we appreciate the empowerment that sites like Stack Exchange have brought to the community and hope to build on that with a more collaborative approach to development that encourages people to not just answer questions, but to contribute improvements and review others work in a constructive way. Our beta community will be the first to have our new products in their hands, and will have an unprecedented voice in the design and usability of this one of a kind social network.

Another Option

If you aren't sure that being a beta user is something you are interested in, but would like to track our progress, please feel free to register for updates below, you will still get all the latest news about the community and will be the first to recieve public announcements about new products and feature enhancements on our site.

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